Red chilly | chilli powder | Mirchi powder – मिर्ची पावडर

Red chilly | chilli powder | Mirchi powder – मिर्ची पावडर


No Indian Kitchen can exist without a chilli/chilly

Red chilly powder or Mirchi powder is an must have ingredient in Indian households.It finds its way right from chutneys, curries, sabji, thecha to namkeens

Dried red chillies are sun-dried and then pounded for the powder. Our Mirchi powder is from our farmer of Nagpur, Maharashtra. It is medium spicy and adds a beautiful reddish brown hue to food items.

Dried Chilly powder enhances metabolism, increases the heat element in body, helps to secret digestive juices, helps in gastric issues and bloating. It has to be had in optimum quantities. Too much spicy food, can also result in diarrhea.

In Ancient India, black pepper was used to add spice to food, however, after chilly was cultivated in India, it got adapted in Indian food system and today either green chilli or red chilly powder is used for spicy touch in foods.

Our red chilly powder is freshly grounded in small batches. Store it in cool dry place.

If unused for a long time, it might develop insects. In such case, normal sun-drying can help.

Our Red chillies are naturally cultivated with SPNF (Natural farming method). No chemicals, adulterants, additives, additional colour, food colour or anything is added either in cultivation or while grinding and packaging. This is a pure natural product.

Variety : Byadagi Mirchi (From Karnataka) + Desi Red Chilli (From Wardha) are powdered for desired spicy taste that also gives natural red colour. NOthing else is added.

NO food color, NO preservative, NO additives, NO chemical, No pesticide, NOthing by any name is added.

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