Khapali Wheat Laapsi/ Khapli Dalia – Emmer wheat laapsi खपली दलिया

Khapali Wheat Laapsi/ Khapli Dalia – Emmer wheat laapsi खपली दलिया

Make sweet laapsi or spicy dalia rice with our Khapali wheat dalia. Highly nutritious and makes a good snack.


Make your snacks interesting with our Khapali Dalia

Khapali Wheat is also known as Long hard wheat or Emmer wheat. It is one of the Indigenous varieties of India and is said to have existed for many years.

It is long shaped brown grain and grows beautifully in low-rainfall regions.

As this wheat is hard and brownish pink, its laapsi has a chewy pinkish brown hue to it.

Jaggery laapsi, Spicy Upma, Rice, and Pulav are some of the recipes that one can try. As the wheat is slightly broken, it is more nutritious than atta due to exposure to less heat during the grinding process. It is a complete meal and can be had either as a breakfast or a main course.

Due to its high fiber, it makes one full early and is also known as no gluten/low gluten broken wheat. The sweet version is also given to babies over a year. It is one of the best foods to be consumed for a fat-loss diet.

Even vegan recipes are easily possible with khapali broken wheat. Just recipe milk with coconut/almond/cashew milk.

All our dalia, atta & rava (sooji) is made to order on Gharghanti. Order to delivery shall take min. 2 days as the RPM is low while grinding to retain the maximum nutrients.

Follow the below link for Laapsi / broken wheat recipes:

Dalia recipe | Daliya Recipe – Swasthi’s Recipes (indianhealthyrecip

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