Mountain forest honey पहाडी जंगल शहद

Mountain forest honey पहाडी जंगल शहद

Mountain Forest honey is collected from the mountainous region of Haryana. Trees like Neem, curry leaves and such other herbs/trees that are bitter in nature are normally found in these hilly areas


Super surprising benefits of Raw unprocessed organic honey:

Our honey comes from Jhajjar, Haryana, India. It is collected by the beekeeper farmers. No Chemicals, Pesticides & Poisonous fertilizers are used in the farms from where honey is collected. It is unprocessed raw and organic. No processing, adulterants, jaggery, sugar, heating, etc. is done in this honey.

Mountain Forest honey is collected from the mountainous regions. Bees collect nectar from flowers of neem, curry leaves, Arjun, and such other herbs that are bitter in nature and found in these hilly areas. It is said to have the benefits of Mountainous herbs.

It is also known as Madhur in Sanskrit, मध in Marathi, and शहद in Hindi.

It is an antioxidant-rich superfood and is considered food as well as medicine in Ayurveda. It is said that its chemical composition is closer to human blood.

Lets see why is Raw unprocessed honey revered since olden times:

🍯It is neither hot in nature nor cool in nature and so is considered as ‘Yogavahi’ i.e. It will accentuate the gunas (properties) of the food with which it is mixed. E.g.: When mixed with ginger juice for cough relief, it will take the hot property of ginger. When mixed with Thandai, it will act in a cooling way.

🍯 It is antibacterial and antifungal in nature. Hence it is applied directly on cuts for fast healing as well as can be taken internally.

🍯It balances all 3 dosha Vata, Kapha & Pitta

🍯When mixed with cold water – it will help in increasing the weight of the body.

🍯When mixed with warm water – it will help in reducing fat from the body.

🍯Good for children to improve their intellectual capabilities.

🍯One of the best foods for people having mucus issues.

🍯When had regularly, it helps in increasing the RBC and improving the energy levels, vibrancy & flexibility of muscles.

🍯When mixed with neem juice and turmeric, it helps in cleansing the system.


🍯When it is pasteurized, the shelf life increases and it looks attractive, but the nutritional elements are destroyed. Thus, asking for Raw Unprocessed honey is important.

🍯Also, if a bee is collected from farms where pesticides are sprayed, then the quality will be compromised. Hence Raw Unprocessed Organic is the best.

🍯Increases toxins in the body when it is heated. Hence, do not consume products where it is heated, e.g., Cakes, cookies, Cookies, etc.

🍯Not advisable for people who are allergic to bee pollen

🍯Not advisable for children below 1 year.

🍯How many varieties of Raw unprocessed are available?

There are innumerable varieties of raw unprocessed. It depends on the flower /farm from where the bees have collected the nectar. Thus, Mustard, Tulsi, Jamun, and so on represent that the honey is collected from the flowers of mustard, tulsi, jamun, etc.

🍯 Does honey crystallize?

Crystallization is a natural phenomenon in some varieties when the temperature falls.

We have attached a Youtube link, in case you would like to know more:


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