Desi Dhaga Mishri | Rock candy देशी धागा खडीसाखर (Handmade)

Desi Dhaga Mishri | Rock candy देशी धागा खडीसाखर (Handmade)

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Desi Dhaga Misri is also known as Khadi Shakkar / Sakhar. It is obtained from Desi Khandsari.

The name dhaga misri is given as it is made by leaving threads in Khandsari during the process of crystallization. i.e. this misri has threads intact with it. As it is prepared from the traditional method, it has golden brown/light brown colour. It is made in small batches and is handmade. It is one of the skilled artisanal works as it involves a knack to understand the heating and cooling temperatures required for Dhaga Misri and also the perfect timing when the Misri is completely done.

-> It has high medicinal value and Ayurvedic experts recommend Desi Dhaga Misri in medicinal concoctions (for sweetener).
-> It is more than just a sweetener due to the presence of higher micronutrients.
-> It is alkaline as well as acts as a coolant to the body.
-> Helps to increase the digestive juices in our body. (Slurp a piece of misri post meals)
-> Originally, Chawanprash was made with Desi Dhaga Misri.
-> Also, for stomach-related ailments, one can pound it coarsely with Neem leaves and chew it until all the juice is released in our mouth.

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1 review for Desi Dhaga Mishri | Rock candy देशी धागा खडीसाखर (Handmade)
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