Black rice | Chak Hao rice | काळा तांदूळ

Black rice | Chak Hao rice | काळा तांदूळ

Black Rice is an ancient variety medicinal rice. It contains higher amounts of antioxidants and is known for building Immunity as well as treatment of various diseases.


More than 1 reason to include Chak Hao Black rice in your diet

Black rice also known as Manipuri rice or Black Chak Hao rice is an ancient variety of rice originating from the Northeast region of Manipur.

Black rice is rich in antioxidants, has a low GI and helps boost Immunity as well as treat diseases.

It supports a healthy heart and is beneficial for overall health.

Due to its high fibre content, one can see fat loss in the body, plus it gives a healthy shine to skin and hair.

This rice can be had daily and due to its high fibre, it gives a full feeling early as compared to other rice varieties. To see the positive changes in your body do not combine this rice with wheat or any other grain. Have it with regular dal, sabzi, sambar, chatni, coconut, jaggery or any other curry.

Black Chak Hao is quite famous for its kheer which has a beautiful purple colour, and a sweet nutty chewy feel.

It is considered medicinal rice due to its Immunity boosting and disease-treating properties.

It is said that in ancient China, this rice was reserved for the Royal family and was forbidden for the common man. Many call it forbidden rice too.


1. May prevent cancer

2. Helps in Forgetfulness & Brain function

3. Helps in Liver Detoxitification

4. Reduces Inflammation

5. Support Wound healing

6. Treats Asthama

7. Supports Healthy Heart

8. Gives healthy shine to Skin & Hair

9. High in Vitamin E, Unsaturated fats, Essential oils and Minerals

10. Prevents Gastrointestinal diseases

11. Low GI & Beneficial for Diabetes patients

12. Helps in digestion

13. Helps in a weight loss diet

How to cook black rice?

Due to its high fibre, black rice requires more water than other rice.

Wash the rice gently 1-2 times so that dust/dirt separates.

Soak this rice in water for at least 5 hours. On soaking, the rice water will become dark purple as the water-soluble vitamins leach out in the water due to the long soaking. This is a completely natural phenomenon and this water is to be used for cooking too (Do not discard).

Cook preferably using a mud pot/stone pot/brass pot/ traditional Indian cooking pot. If nothing is available, then a steel pot will do. Put warm water, if needed while cooking. Can add a teaspoon of wood-pressed oil while cooking. Avoid using a pressure cooker to get maximum nutrients.

Even after cooking, it remains chewy like any other unpolished rice variety.

12 exciting ways to include Black rice in your diet?

Rice, Pulav, Biryani,

Dosa, Idli, Ghavane, Neer dosa,

Chak Hao Kheer, Modak, Rice jaggery ladoo,

Rice kanji,

Black rice salad etc.

Our rice is grown by our tribal farmer from Interior Satara. No chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides or anything is used in cultivation. Only Cow dung and cow urine-based homemade preparations are used in cultivation. 

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